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Note: The appearance of a name on this list does not constitute valid publication of that name. These static lists are published intermittently by the taxonomic subcommittees. For up to date information on authorities of names, taxonomy and lists of validly published species within each genus, please consult one of the sources listed on our Nomenclatural Resources page.

Correct names of taxa within the family Halobacteriaceae - August 2011

Prepared by Aharon Oren for the joint meetings of the ICSP Subcommittees on the taxonomy of Halobacteriaceae and Halomonadaceae, Sapporo, Japan, 6 September 2011. Updated August 2011.

This list is based in part on Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, 2nd edn (Springer, New York).

Note: Most type strains have been deposited in more than one culture collection; type strains may be obtained from additional culture collections not listed below.

The subcommittee recommends the use of three-letter abbreviations for genera of the family Halobacteriaceae as follows: Haladaptatus (Hap.), Halalkalicoccus (Hac.), Halarchaeum (Hla.), Haloarcula (Har.), Halobacterium (Hbt.), Halobaculum (Hbl.), Halobiforma (Hbf.), Halococcus (Hcc.), Haloferax (Hfx.), Halogeometricum (Hgm.), Halogranum (Hgn.), Halolamina (Hlm.), Halomarina (Hmr.), Halomicrobium (Hmc.), Halonotius (Hns.), Halopelagius (Hpl.), Halopiger (Hpg.), Haloplanus (Hpn.), Haloquadratum (Hqr.), Halorhabdus (Hrd.), Halorubrum (Hrr.), Halosimplex (Hsx.) Halostagnicola (Hst.), Haloterrigena (Htg.), Halovivax (Hvx.), Natrialba (Nab.), Natrinema (Nnm.), Natronoarchaeum (Nac.), Natronobacterium (Nbt.), Natronococcus (Ncc.), Natronolimnobius (Nln.), Natronomonas (Nmn.) and Natronorubrum (Nrr.).

Use of three-letter abbreviations is recommended only in cases when the use of one-letter abbreviations may give rise to confusion. Authors describing new genera are asked to propose an appropriate three-letter abbreviation in the genus description.

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