The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Signal Processing:

  •   Biomedical Engineering
  Control Algorithms
  Embedded Reconfigurable, Evolvable Systems   Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  Information Theory & Coding   Mixed Signal Processing
  Multidimensional Signal Processing   Radar Signal and Data Processing
  Soft Computing Techniques   Speech and Video Processing
  VLSI architectures for high speed processing

Multimedia Signal Processing:

  •   Streamed multimedia applications
  Algorithms and implementations
  Image and video processing   Error concealment techniques
  Management of multimedia services   Test-beds and trials
  Multimedia games

Internet Technologies:

  •   Traffic modeling
  Embedded Internet devices   New and enhanced services
  Resource and information management   Adaptive QoS provisioning
  End-to-end QoS   Emerging technologies

Communication Theory and Techniques:

  •   Channel measurements and modelling
  Coding and modulation techniques
  MIMO - theory and trials   Spread Spectrum and CDMA systems
  OFDM technology   Space-time coding
  Diversity techniques   Ultra Wide-Band Communications
  Antennas and propagation


  •   Grid Computing
  Mobile Computing
  Mobile Databases   Multimedia and VoIP Services & Technologies
  Networking Protocols, Routing, Algorithms   Network Security
  Optical Networks   Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Algorithms
  Reliability and Fault-Tolerance   VLSI for Network Processing
  Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor and Bluetooth Networks  

Fixed Networks:

  •   Optical networks and switching
  Network architectures and equipment
  Programmable networks   Test-beds and trials
  New and enhanced services   Network gaming


  •   Antennas, Propagation and Transmission Technologies Avionics
  Communication Software Techniques
  Information Theory & Coding   Multimedia Communications
  Optical Communications   RF and Microwave Communications
  Robust Space and Satellite Communications   Ultra-Wideband Communications
  Wireless Communications and Technologies

Wireless Networks:

  •   Mobile ad hoc networking
  Personal area networking
  Convergence of different network types   Broadband Wireless Access
  Cross Layer Design   Mesh Networks
  Cooperative Networks   Sensor Networks
  Home networking   Test-beds and new applications

Information Security:

  •   Security primitives and algorithms
  Security of wireless and distribution networks
  Programmable networks security   Authentication and authorization
  Encryption   Data integrity