2019 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Communication and Signal Processing (ICICSP 2019)



September 28-30, 2019 |  Weihai (Shandong Province), China (山东大学威海校区)

Communication Systems worldwide have provided a rapidly growing and useful range of services and are continuing to evolve using a multitude of Signal Processing techniques. 2019 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Communication and Signal Processing (ICICSP 2019) will be held in Shandong University, Weihai, China on September 28-30, 2019, with its workshop IPMV 2019 and AIOTT 2019, follows the very successful "ICICSP 2018".

The applications of signal processing are vast and interdisciplinary-ranging from engineering to economics and astronomy to biology. The research in areas such as signal coding and de-noising have paved the path for these advancements. Recent decade has witnessed major revolution in communication and processing of digital media. As a consequence, solution to major problems in processing, transmission and reception have made signal processing an integral part of modern electronic and communication systems. Communication on the other hand plays major role in our day to day life. The communication technology helps in the advancement of modern systems to meet our need of efficient exchange of ideas. The current research includes the areas of cognitive radio and IOT.

As in the previous year, the conference is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE. Accepted and presented papers have been published in the conference proceedings by IEEE and submitted to IEEE Xplore.


为增进各国信息通讯与信号处理学者与专家之间的学术交流, 分享研究经验, 探寻合作机会, 推动相关领域科学研究的发展, 2019年第二届IEEE信息通讯与信号处理国际会议将于2019年9月28-30日在山东大学威海校区召开, 会议定位为信息通讯和信号处理应用技术及产业化发展交流探讨,面向智能技术企业和科研院所研发人员, 工程师, 市场开拓者和行业组织, 涉及内容为模式识别应用技术发展趋势, 应用模式, 商业模式, 创业经验等.


News! School of Mechanical, Electrical & Information Engineering, Shandong University (Weihai) posts ICICSP 2019 conference news. (Click) 山东大学(威海校区)机电与信息工程学院发布ICICSP 2019在校召开的新闻报道.


Paper Publication

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by technical program committees based on the paper's topic, quality, etc. Accepted and presented papers will be published into conference proceedings by IEEE , which will be included in IEEE Xplore, submitted and reviewed by Ei Compendex and Scopus Index. Welcome you to submit your full paper or abstract by Electronic Submission System.

论文将由程序委员会就文章主题,质量等方面进行审核。被录用并做了报告的文章将出版到IEEE论文集并提交Ei CompendexScopus检索。欢迎通过电子投稿系统进行投稿。


ICICSP 2018 conference proceedings have been online in IEEE Xplore. ICICSP 2018 conference proceedings have been indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus. ICICSP 2018会议论文集已经被Ei Compendex以及Scopus检索.



A Brief Introduction to the City of Weihai

Weihai is the first city awarded China's National Clean City;

The first National Model City Cluster for Environmental Protection;

The first National Excellent Tourist City Cluster;

The first National Garden City Cluster in Northern China;

Ranked 15th in the China City Public Civilization Index.