November 26th (Sat.) - November 28th (Mon.), 2022 / Shenzhen, China(中国 深圳)

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11. 26-28

Call for Special Sessions

ICICSP 2022 technical program will highlight a series of Special Sessions to complement the regular program with new or emerging topics of particular interest to the Information Communication and Signal Processing.

Special-session proposals should be submitted by the prospective organizer(s) who will commit to promoting and handling the review process of their special session as Chairs or Co-Chairs of the event.

The papers in each accepted Special Session will undergo a review process, similar to the other regular papers. It is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that their Special Session papers meet ICICSP quality standards. In case a paper in a Special Session does not meet the expected quality, it will be rejected and an effort will be made to draw papers from the regular submission process to fill in the gap. If too many papers for a given Special Session are not accepted in the review process and we are unable to find suitable substitutes from the regular review pool, the Special Session may be canceled.


Special Session-1: Underwater Acoustics, Ocean Exploration, and Signal Processing


Underwater acoustics and Ocean exploration are key underpinning technologies for underwater activities. They are increasingly used in oceanographic and environmental studies, and play a crucial role in defense. The main goal of this session is to present the latest research and inspire innovations on signal processing for underwater acoustics and ocean exploration.


Please click the website: http://www.icsp.org/session1.html to get more information.


Special Session-2: Acoustic Measurement and Signal Processing of Aircraft and Their Equipment


The acoustic measurement and signal processing of aircraft and their equipment are key technologies for aircraft noise control and acoustic information extraction. This special section focuses on new technologies such as acoustic measurement, signal processing and related artificial intelligence (AI) of aircraft and their equipment (airplanes, helicopters, High-altitude balloon, airships, UAVs, and Aircraft engine etc.).


Please click the website: http://www.icsp.org/session2.html to get more information.


Special Session-3: Space Sensing, Information Interpretation and Intelligent Application


Please click the website: http://www.icsp.org/session3.html to get more information.